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Meow & Co. Detroit is a non-profit created to bring awareness and raise money to save the street cats of Detroit, Michigan. Our Instagram         was created to not only bring awareness, but to teach the city of Detroit ways they can help street cats. At Meow & Co. We make custom stickers for animal lovers, luxury cat items, and we accept donations! All money goes towards food, medical bills, shelters, and more for the street cats of Detroit!



This is the cat that started it all! She showed up on my front porch 2 years ago and ever since then I've brought in dozens of cats off the street. Miss Olive also known as Moo Moo now spends her life in the suburbs with her best friend Theodore an orange fluffy boy cat. They both live with my mom and brother who spoil them.

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Lizzie was found left to die on a porch in Highland Park.

In rough shape I took her off this porch and into safety. Carrying her all the way home. I took Lizzie to a shelter and since she was sick they could not take. They gave her free medicine and a check up. 4 weeks later Lizzie was back to health and adopted by a close family friend. She nows lives her best life in Grand Rapids with all the treats and toys.  



Scruffy was in a bad cat fight. I took him in to get TNR'ed. He is now living his best life on the street and not over populating the streets with cats. He is the sweetest boy ever and is always looking for treats.



Beans was in rough shape when he made it on my porch. He could barely walk and was severely injured. I took him in to a shelter were they fixed him up and he is not happily adopted and living his best life with a family in Detroit.

IMG_8933 2.HEIC


Mommas is named Mommas becasue she just had kittens! Sadly though I haven't been able to see or find these kittens yet. Once found though I will take her and her baby in and foster them. She is the sweetest cat ever and hopefully I can get her adopted out soon.


This baby has little thumbs. She was pregnant and had kittens 7 months ago.

2 out of 4 were rescued and adopted out. Sadly one didn't survive and the last one is pictured below and is named Baby. 


Baby is a scaredy cat. He or she is very difficult to catch. Baby will be TNR'ed really soon! 

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